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"Our wedding day was nothing short of magical! We spent our morning getting ready with our respective friends at different locations--Benny at the Hotel Z with his Best Man and Megan at Water's Edge with her bridesmaids--and had our first look at 2:30. After Jason and Karen got some amazing shots of us seeing each other for the first time, we all headed over to 5 Pointz City to take some outdoor photos...in 40 degree weather! We managed to endure the cold weather and let loose while we were taking pictures, which definitely shows on our smiling faces. After our arctic-like adventure, we made our way back to the Water's Edge to take photos with our families and the bridal party. Next came the Ketubah signing, which was a quiet and intimate moment with only our closest friends, family and our beloved Rabbi, Jerome K. Davidson. Rabbi Davidson has officiated at many of our families special events, including marrying Benny's parents, Megan's sister and brother-in-law and Benny's cousins, as well as Benny's Bar Mitzvah and Megan's Bat Mitzvah. The actual wedding ceremony was definitely a surreal experience. We were both smiling like two crazy fools and holding onto each other's hands for dear life! It was certainly an emotional event (just ask the groom ;D), but in the best way possible. We spoke the traditional Hebrew vows, as well as some vows of our own, which made the ceremony that more special and unique. After that, the wedding was in full swing. We had our fist dance to Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To the Moon" and then went right into the Hora. One of our favorite photos taken at our wedding is a photo of Benny's face while he is on a chair being lifted during the Hora. Classic Benny face captured PERFECTLY by Jason! The Mezinkah for Megan's parents was also beautifully documented--the expressions of pride and love radiate from the photos of that special tradition. During the wedding, we were able to sneak away with Jason, Karen and John (our videographer), to take some photos on the dock which overlooks Manhattan and the 59th Street Bridge. Hands down, the best photo of the night is a black and white close-up of the two of us with the 59th Street Bridge in the background. It is so romantic, unique and artistic and we are absolutely in love with it. The whole night passed by in a wonderful blur, spent mingling with family and dancing with our amazing friends. It was a perfect and enchanting evening and thanks to Jason Groupp, we get to relive our wedding whenever we want."
Megan + Benny

Their story

Benny and I met when we were three years old while attending nursery school in Long Island, New York. About twelve years later, we reconnected while we were working together in our high school's newspaper and began dating during our Sophomore year of high school--we've been together ever since! After seven years, two different colleges in Pennsylvania and Michigan and one year of living together in Philadelphia, Benny proposed on the beach in Montauk, NY in May 2011.