"There are so many components that go into planning a wedding... the venue, the band, the food, but one of the most important is the photographer.  We chose a venue with classic New York City views and wanted a photographer that could not only capture the story and energy of the day, but creatively feature Manhattan as our backdrop. Our friends, Rita and Roman had used Jason for their wedding and we were in love with their pictures.  We spoke with a few talented photographers, but kept comparing them to Jason Groupp.  We met with  Jason at his studio and were not only amazed by his portfolio of work, but also by how comfortable he made us feel which really comes through in our pictures.  We had a great time working with Jason and love showing our wedding album to our friends and family."
Emily + Matt

Their story

Funny enough that Rita introduced us to Jason Groupp, she also was the connector between us.  Rita, a college friend of mine worked with a college friend of Matt's.  They must have been bored at work one day because they decided to blindly pair the two of us together.  Our first date was at a small restaurant in the East Village.  It was also a comedy of errors.  I had just had my wisdom teeth pulled a few days prior and was still in a lot of pain.  In true fashion I was late on the first date, hardly ate my dinner and the drink I ordered was beyond strong.  Wanting to be polite and not send the drink back, I sipped on my vodka (hold the soda) and started to get a little too tipsy.  Lets just say, I somehow managed to break the flushing mechanism in the bathroom, causing the toilet to continually flush.  At the end of the night, I unintentionally blew off Matt's attempt to give me a good night kiss in a not so gracious way.  I must have made some sort of impression because he asked me out again.  Fast forward a few years later, Matt decided to propose to me in the city that we love, over looking central park at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.  He pulled out all the stops and knew exactly how to throw me off so I wouldn't see it coming.  I was in such shock when he popped the question that he had to ask me to marry him twice! Because of all our history in the city, it was only natural to celebrate our wedding at Bridgewaters.  The venue has floor to ceiling windows and amazing views of South Street Seaport, the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan.  We chose to have our wedding at the end of September, our favorite time of year in New York.   The venue has a traditional feel, but in a more contemporary setting so we made sure to keep that theme throughout.  Our centerpieces and flower arrangements were all rich jewel toned colors which really warmed the room up.  We had hundreds of little candles lining the windows and hanging from the ceiling which made the room twinkle with candlelight.  In keeping with our theme, my Romona Keveza dress had classic lines but with a modern ruffle twist.  I chose to keep my bouquet simple by having only baby's breath.  Our wedding day was perfect and we relive those moments every time we flip through our album!