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11 years.

Early September here in NYC is always such a mixed bag of weather.  One day it’s hazy, hot, humid with thunder showers, reminiscent of summer.  The next is cool, crisp with bright blue skies  and the smell of autumn in the air.  As the seasons change the city gets back to work, schools open, fashion week starts, and in my neighborhood, the galleries have their opening galas.

The weather changes also bring me back to that horrible day 11 years ago.  I feel like I blinked, and 11 years have passed, yet so much has happened.  My friend Bobby went to work 11 years ago today, and didn’t come home.  He was a firefighter, and he loved it.  He wasn’t the adrenaline junkie who ran into burning buildings, or welcomed danger like many of the stories portray.  I honestly believe Bobby wouldn’t have gone into the south tower that day if he knew he was in danger.  He followed orders, and did what he was told because he trusted his superiors without hesitation.  That’s why he is my hero.

I lost one of my best friends that day, and I miss him dearly.

11 years later, as we enter an election year I’m saddened by both political parties using  today as part of their campaigns.  The social networks are buzzing with their trophies of accomplishments since 9/11.  I think it’s despicable, and I humbly ask all of you to take 10 minutes today to read one story from someone who’s loved one didn’t come home that day.

If you’d like to read mine you can go here:



My first 4th of July in New York City and I totally nabbed the perfect viewing spot for the big Macy’s fireworks show. 10 stories up and we could see three of the four barges on the Hudson River. Once the show ended it looked like hundreds of zombies coming down 26th street. I do hope that if the apocalypse ever happens I’m at the studio, I might have a fighting chance. Who am I kidding? I’ll be one of the first to go.

See that crazy hole to the left there? That’s where the 7  subway line extension is coming. I guess if I ever move to Queens it would make it an easy commute! Look at more information and creepy underground pictures here.