Best of 2012 | Details

Everyone loves sparkly pretty things! And weddings are chock full of them! I think a lot of wedding photographers loves photographing the details at least I do! From the shoes, to the rings to the crazy table displays our brides put their hearts and souls into their wedding decor. We make sure to photograph it all.

001_shoes wedding

002_rings ice new york city

003_new york city skyline

004_rings bocci balls

005_details bowtie wedding

006_place cards wedding

007_indian wedding new jersey nyc

008_daisy rings nyc

009_lindsay landman events

010_flowers nyc wedding

011_moustache socks bicycle wedding

012_rocks rings wedding

013_striped straws flowers

014_jimmy choo shoes wedding

015_weddng cake details

016_conrad hotel nyc

017_rings sweetheart candies valentines day

018_mundap indiand wedding

019_flowers montauk

020_costa rica wedding rings

021_conrad hotel table wedding

022_flower centerpieces

023_rings nyc jason groupp

024_bouquet nyc karen seifert

025_family photos

026_mens shoes nyc karen seifert

027_shoes party

028_american flag

029_nyc skyline manhattan jason groupp karen seifert

minipinitdark copy

Dropped the ball a little bit on this but we’re back! Onto the portraits! We love it when our couples give us time to work those portraits and add the lighting and just making them look sensational on their most special day!

001_manhattan wedding jason groupp west side

002_jason groupp costa rica wedding

003_indian wedding jason groupp new jersey

004_montauk converse wedding

005_upper east side wedding

006_wedding conrad hotel new york city

007_five pointz wedding jason groupp

008_wedding rain indian jason groupp

009_chelsea wedding bride groom

010_indian wedding mala grant

012_winnie bulldog wedding jason groupp

013_costa rica wedding

015_wedding couple bride groom

016_wedding montauk

017_wedding long island city nyc jason groupp

018_costa rica wedding bride groom beach

019_wedding new york city trump soho

020_carlie drum kick wedding nyc

021_costa rica bride groom wedding jason groupp

022_long island city new york city skyline night portrait jason groupp

minipinitdark copy