You know what wedding photographers love? That awesome opportunity to hop on a plane and shoot a wedding in a exotic location that’s what. Jessica and Brad from Louisville, Kentucky who we introduced on the blog back in June asked us to come to La Mansion Inn in Quepos, Costa Rica for their beautiful wedding a couple weekends ago.

In order for us to get to Quepos we had to take a little tiny airplane from San Jose to Quepos. The airstrip we landed on was probably about the size of some driveways out in the Hamptons so that was a little scary/cool. La Mansion Inn was a beautiful location and everyone who worked there was really nice. We learned about how wild of a country Costa Rica is, sometimes you can spot sloths and monkeys! (we only saw wild horses!)

On the wedding day Jessica and Brad saw one another before the ceremony and we took a cab down to the beach for some epic midday beach portraits. It was pretty hot and we were all sweaty by the end of it, but I think that amazing blue sky and lush green palm trees make up for it. They had a small, intimate ceremony on the upper lounge deck of the hotel followed by some celebratory champagne toasts. Everyone (even Jason and I!) sat down to a nice dinner that evening followed by a late night swim by the groom and his groomsmen!


Do you remember Winnie? The cutest bulldog that’s ever been on the blog? Earlier this month we hit the road to Montauk, New York for Matt and Lisa’s (Winnie’s mom and dad) beautiful two day celebration.

Since I’m still kind of new to New York, Montauk was a place I only really knew about because of the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Totally great film, check it out if you haven’t ever seen it. Montauk was a little different from what I knew from the movie, for one there was no snow on the beach. A cute little beach town with such a laid back local kind of feeling. Being from Virginia Beach it reminded me a little bit of the Sandbridge area. Also no chain stores are allowed there, so all local stuff!

Lisa and Matt had their wedding celebration at the Montauk Yacht Club with lots of amazing details. I think the best one was the bicycle they used for the programs and fans at the ceremony. It was the bicycle Jason used to use to ride errands around the studio that he gifted them during their IHNY. It was a funny little surprise to see how they turned it into part of the wedding! The reception was a lot of fun, it’s always nice to see tight groups of friends and families that really love each other have such a great time. The next day they held a beach party at a restaurant called Navy Beach. It was much more laid back (tacky Hawaiian shirts encouraged) and more of their friends came out from the city to celebrate. Scroll on down to see Winnie in a tutu! Oh my the cute overload! – Karen