One of the best things about shooting the IHNY sessions is the ability to meet people from all over the world. You have a whole day to get to know them and learn their story, it’s so cool. These two are from Singapore, which for you geography challenged people is in Southeast Asia. Before yesterday I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from there, now I have Facebook friends there!

Shafiq just graduated from Princeton University (smarty pants!) so we started the session on the beautiful campus in New Jersey. We started the day very early and ended pretty late, this couple just might be the record for longest IHNY shoot but very much worth it. It was nice to walk around the campus and enjoy the greenery and Gothic inspired buildings. We grabbed some tacos for lunch and got on the highway back to the city. We stopped at Liberty State Park for some photos of Raihana and Shafiq against the downtown New York City skyline. I had never been to that park and didn’t realize how close to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty it was! So pretty!

At this point Raihana changed into her wedding dress she bought along, they are getting married in Singapore later this year and she wanted some pre-wedding photos of them in New York. We headed north to Central Park and did the “crosswalk” shot along with some portraits in Sheep’s Meadow (bahhhh!). After a quick change we hopped on the subway down to SoHo for a bite to eat at Cafe Gitane while it rained outside. The rain was a little worrisome at first, but after it stopped we knew we’d get some HOT photos from it. There’s nothing better than SoHo at dusk combined with freshly wet streets and a hot couple!

from Jason: Last night I was watching a little documentary about Mayor Koch, he was one of most beloved, and most hated mayors of all time.  Love ’em or hate him, he loved New York City with a passion.  He was standing on a rooftop looking down on the city, and he says, “…..look at it, one of the greatest cities in the world, not many places like it, as a matter of fact, there isn’t.”