Meet Sarah + Mark!  Texans is in their soul but they HEART NY!  Sarah and Mark have lived in NYC for quite a few years now and were celebrating their 15th anniversary.

We started the day up in Central Park, we strolled through Sheep Meadow, The Literary Walk, and the Bethesda Fountain.  (picture below is the terrace just next to the fountain)  Given such a beautiful day on Saturday, I think anyone who could get outside was in the park, I’ve never seen the meadow so crowded!  We managed to find a small piece of real estate for this pic below!  Later we stopped for lunch at one of their favorite restaurants, and our final stop, the always iconic Grand Central Station.  Just outside the station, one of my favorite locations, Pershing Square, and one of my all time wedding photos – check it out, click here. :)

Thanks for a wonderful day Sarah and Mark, happy anniversary!