I’m sitting on my couch at home enjoying a little bit of peace and quiet while my little guy naps on  this last day of 2010.  Elizabeth is taking Phoebe to her first movie, Tangled.  Wow, I figured my daughters first movie would likely be a Disney flick, but an adaptation of Rapunzel?  LOL

That got me to thinking – the one thing I’ve learned as every year passes is I’ve got a lot to learn…..  In your 20’s — you know it ALL —  in your 30’s, you become more confident that you know it all, but as I “settle” into my 40’s, I’m accepting that I still know it all, but I’ve got SO much more to figure out. :)  Does that make sense?

What I’m trying to say is that as I reminisce about this year and write this blog post I’m also staring at my screensaver picture of my kids.  As I look at them, I marvel at how fast they’ve grown – and how much our lives have changed. (Pic below)

That makes me think about L-O-V-E.   When I saw Elizabeth walking down the aisle for our wedding, I never imagined being able to love someone so much.  Two children later I’m reminded that I knew nothing about how much I could love someone every time I hold them.

So long 2010 – here’s to another year of surprises, love and learning!