Today my good friend and colleague, Zack Arias, and I had a “shoot-out”. We have been talking smack for two weeks about this on Twitter and we now have the results of our bravado. Here is how it worked. I booked Amanda and Sean to be our subjects. I set up the first shot and had five frames to execute it. Then Zack had to use the same location and execute a shot in five frames. Zack then chose the next location, shot five frames, and then I would shoot five frames. We piggy backed like that for six locations. At the sixth and final location Zack challenged me to tape my LCD screen, he did the same. We had five frames to shoot, with lights, without meters, and no chimping. It was a blast! We have now picked our top five images and you are going to vote on who won best image of the shoot-out. This will be like a presidential election. One image will be the top photo of the day and then we will tally the votes of each image and see who received more total votes than the other and they will be crowned “President of Light” or something stupid. I have a feeling this might just be an annual thing. :) So here are the images. Vote at the bottom of the page. Voting will continue through PhotoPlus this weekend and we will announce the results at the first of next week along with a behind the scenes video of the shoot and some of our out takes. /></p> <form action=

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It’s been about ten years since I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding on Nantucket, and I’ve forgotten just how beautiful it is out there.  Unfortunately, it was a quick trip and we didn’t get to spend much time there (what else is new!) so I got up early the day of the wedding and took an early stroll around downtown Nantucket.

Here’s some of the shots I took…. it was fun being a tourist!  Soups are back!  :)  More from their wedding soon!