For those of you who have been following the site, you know we’ve been working hard creating new videos. However, I have to make a confession.

We have a secret weapon. His name is Chris Bruno. :)

Chris has been working with us to create some of our FUsioN Films, recently started joining us on IHNY sessions, as well as weddings. He’s going to be a big part of our team and we’re excited to be bringing him on board.

What does this all mean?

We are officially announcing the addition of filmmaking to our services!

Chris will be the main cinematographer, and will handle all the editing of our IHNY films. We’ll be posting more about our services in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’d like more information please contact me –

To celebrate this news – I’d like to share our first “next day edit” that Chris created from Beth & Russ’s wedding in Pebble Beach, Aruba!

Beth + Russ || IHNY Film from Jason Groupp on Vimeo.


You may remember Cadence and Eli’s IHNY session a few months ago.  You could see from their FUsioN film that their wedding was going to be unique, and they didn’t disappoint!  I’ve only spent a little bit of time in Minneapolis, but if all the weddings there are like Cadence and Eli’s wedding -  I’m packing my bags!

If you’ve read a few photographers’ blogs, you know we like to mention how much fun we have.  I’m going to forgo that cliche in this entry since I think the end of Cadence and Eli’s wedding says it all. :)   Thank you, guys, for a fun couple of days — we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Onto…..cemetery chapel, drumlines, and boxing gyms!

Cadence and Eli’s FUsioN Film! from Jason Groupp on Vimeo.