I’ve been so excited to share this wedding!  We’ve had so much fun with Oshrat and Mike, starting with their super inspiring “Lauren Bacall meets Humphrey Bogart” IHNY session back in October.

We hoped for a bright sunny December day for their wedding but, unfortunately, rainy and cold was in order.  No matter because it was HOT inside! :) You see the details in the post below so here we go…. some pics and, of course, our signature FUsioN film!

Direct link to Oshrat and Mike’s FUsioN film:

Fortunately, we were able to sneak downstairs, and use some empty space in the building that we literally just stumbled on.  It wasn’t the cleanest place, but we made do!

This one is Lindsey’s and probably my favorite:

…and one last photo that Ross thankfully grabbed of some of my favorite clients (and now good friends) over the years.  It started with Ophira and Joram back in 2002, then Juli and Scott in 2006, followed by Beth and Dan in 2007 and now Oshrat and Mike.  Great seeing you guys!!


Give peas a chance!

WARNING!  Shameless proud parent post! :)

Our little guy is getting bigger, and we’re starting to introduce solid foods into his diet.  I’m not sure he’s digging the peas, but is certainly a photographic opportunity. :)