It’s definitely been a rainy summer, but we’ve been so lucky! Ariana and Joseph’s wedding was no exception! A hurricane which missed most of the northeast came right over the east end of Long Island. Of course that’s right where The Old Field Vineyards in Greeport, NY where their wedding was. It’s a beautiful spot right on the water, and the perfect place for a wedding….. unless there is a hurricane. :)

For my drive out it was pouring, we watched the rain continue while she was getting ready. Fortunately, as if a wish had been granted, the rain stopped right before the ceremony. The storm blew out, and they even had a beautiful sunset. That doesn’t happen very often! :)

Here’s a few pics, you can see more of my favorites in their SmugMug Gallery.


I’m 10 weeks old!

Who’s got the chubbiest baby?! Eli is 10 weeks old, and I finally had a chance to grab a few quick pics of him. Phoebe is settling into the role of big sister, and Mom and Dad are trying to get some sleep. :)