Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year the Groupp’s are celebrating a quiet day at home with my In-laws. Football, Elmo, Pumpkin pie, and a nice bottle of wine are the schedule for us today. :)

As with every Thanksgiving I like to give thanks -

My friends and family, thanks for all the support you’ve given me this year, and in years past. I want to thank my clients for an awesome year, and I’m looking forward to all of your upcoming weddings in 2009! This year I will get to travel all over the world doing the job I’ve loved since I was 17 years old, and I can’t be more thankful for that. Thank you Lindsey for all your help this year, you kicked butt!

Of course my biggest thanks goes out to my wife Elizabeth, without your unwavering support none of this would be possible. I may have a T-shirt proclaiming me the #1 Dad, but there isn’t a banner large enough proclaiming her the world’s greatest Mom. She’s also just a little more humble than I. :)

Finally – having little Phoebe join us 19 months ago and turning our lives upside down is the biggest gift I could’ve ever asked for. Here’s a pic I grabbed of her Halloween morning at about 6:15AM. She was NOT ready for her close-up! Truly one of my favorite pics of her. :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!



I’ve been working with Ross, from Flosites on this blog for almost a year. Ross and his staff tirelessly worked on several different versions of this blog utilizing ideas from me and my buddy TJ. Guys….thanks for taking the time and working on all of my ideas from plain silly to impossible. Glad it’s finished….just in time to start working on a total re-brand. :)

If you’re looking for a blog, website or branding please make sure you contact these guys, you’ll be happy you did!

On a different note, I’m sad to say I think Lindsey and I may have had our last (outdoor) I heart NY session for awhile. Though we battled 25 degree temps, wind blasts of 30 MPH and not much light to work with, Aliya and Kevin refused to let the weather hinder their shoot. Pics coming soon – thanks guys!

Kevin’s face is priceless when I say, “OK – let’s take the jackets off!” You’re not wearing a wedding dress!

Aliya came prepared and could have worked it all day! :)