Whew! Where do I begin? What an awesome week we just had! It started on Monday evening with a little GTG with the EMW participants. Photographers from all parts of Cali, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia and even New Jersey gathered for a quaint meet and greet.

Early the next day, we met back at the studio for a fun day of learning and shooting. The AM started off with my good friend Brian Dorsey who gave a great presentation on meeting business goals and taking the time to outline a good plan for financial success. Thanks Brian, good stuff!

Gene and I then spent some time discussing our respective businesses, how we’ve worked to build ourselves as photographers and strived to be better at what we do.

To give you the backstory….when Gene and I met there was definitely an immediate bond and mutual respect for each other, but the thing that we found interesting was the contrasts in our business. While eating dinner one night in NYC Ann said, “You two should do a workshop together!” East meets West was born. :)

I want to thank all the awesome people who joined Gene and I. You guys rock and look forward to seeing great things from you in the future (hopefully the seminar will have had a hand in that)!

I’d also like to take the time to say thank you to my assistant, Lindsey, who tirelessly worked to put our day together.

I also can’t forget Kenny Kim, who’s coverage of seminars should be his debut workshop. Thanks for all the great shots and for making Gene (who really is skinny) and I look so skinny! :) Here’s Kenny’s pics!

Kenny rockin’ the Canon 200mm f/2 lens from Lensrentals.com.

Here’s a few of mine —-

Shot with the Sigma 8mm lens – so cool!

Finally, I need to thank our sponsors, Lensrentals.com sent us some sweet lenses like the sigma 8mm, and the Canon 200mm f/2 lens for everyone to play with.

I also need to thank my friends at GraphiStudio for their continued support, as well as my new friends at Bay Photo Lab and of course the good people from Boda Bags! Your generosity cannot be thanked enough!!

Thanks again everyone, and I’m looking forward to EMW-II in the near future!!


Whew, what a week Lindsey and I have so far……..and it’s only Wednesday!

East meets West officially sold out. We had an AWESOME seminar and day (and night!) of shooting yesterday.

It was a beautiful October day in NYC and we had some great models working with us.

My annual Pre PPE kickoff party will be this evening! This year with the generosity of Graphistudio, Bay Photo, and DWF — the RSVP Evite is now tilting the scales at over 200 people! Should be a blast!!

I’m also proud to be working with GraphiStudio at their booth at PPE, so PLEASE come by and see me! Here’s my schedule! If we haven’t already had a chance to catch up, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this week !