Meet me in Philly!

It was so awesome meeting all of you last Thursday! When I heard we had sold out, I expected to see the gang all there to support me…..but as it turned out there was a group of NY photogs I have never met who came to see me speak! And, many of you who came have been in business for years!

I’m glad to see such an awesome community forming here. It’s been a long time coming and I hope all of you that came will continue to stay in touch and join us for other gatherings in the future! Keep in touch!

Michelle and I had such a great time, we’ve decided to take our show on the road. Next stop: the city of brotherly love. I haven’t spoken with Michelle all weekend, but I know last time we spoke there were only a few seats left.

Looking forward to meeting all of you in Philly and thanks in advance to Laura and Paul for your hospitality in letting us use your brand new space!