I heart NY

Introducing “I heart NY”.

New York has inspired countless artists. I am no different.

I heart NY.

“I heart NY sessions” are about being inspired by the same place that produced the Alfred Stieglitz photos of the Flat Iron building and the opening credits of Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”.

The “I heart NY sessions” are my way of combining my passion for photography, the greatest city in the world and the people who love it as much as I do.

Taking the time to slow down and envision a concept and story, each aspect of these shoots is thought through like an editorial piece for a fashion magazine. From wardrobe, hair, make-up, to lighting and location, every element is executed with NYC as the backdrop.

I have a few people I want to thank:

My assistant Lindsey. She has spent endless hours helping me bring each shoot from concept to completion and I could not have done it without her.

The boys at Big Folio . Once again they have created awesome, kick-ass sites and helping me with my endless questions – in ten seconds or less. :)

Chris Neyen design. Chris helped me design the “J” logo, and now the “I heart NY sessions” logo. If you need someone with skilz to help you create something unique, he’s your man! Email me, and I’ll send you his info.

Dominique Daniela – Simply amazing gowns.

My hair and make-up team. Gabriela, Kerrie, Khush and Mayra, what can I say? You guys rock!

Over the next month I will be adding sessions as we shoot them and will spend some time discussing how each shoot comes together…..You still here? Check it out!