East meets West!

So this is the week of spilling the BIG secrets! :) Those who know me know I find it difficult to keep a secret, especially if it’s good news or something I am excited about.

I’ve been working hard on some new projects and they are all coming together at the same time, right on schedule. Before I begin, please check back every day this week for more news!!

I am excited to announce a new fall seminar – for those of you who left a comment on my blog last week, you’re entitled to 50 bucks off, but you must be one of the first ten to sign up! So who’s ready for some shooting in Times Square?

East meets West – Gene Higa and Jason Groupp

Join me and my west coast friend, Gene Higa, this fall in NYC for a one-day seminar. For those who don’t know Gene, he was just recently named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world!

Date: 10/21

Where: My studio in Manhattan and the streets of NYC

Fees: $700, and limited to 25 people.

We will spend half of the day talking about business and then head out for an afternoon of shooting. Break for lunch (lunch is included).

Some of the things I will discuss:

Using practice sessions to develop your style

Making yourself distinctive through marketing and branding

Tips and tricks to shooting faster

Simplifying complex lighting techniques to work on the fly

Workflow before, during and after the wedding

Some of the things Gene will discuss:

Finding your niche, making it your name and owning it

Destination Weddings and beyond

Defining your client

Going from 2k to 10k.

Getting published – free advertising

The afternoon will consist of shooting with models including awesome wardrobe, hair and makeup! Gene and I will discuss our approaches and techniques for making the most of every situation and getting THE shot for each wedding. Whether you’re on the sunny shores of San Francisco or the gritty streets of NYC, Gene and I will show how we do it.

Please contact me – jason@jasongphoto.com, to sign up.