Marisa and Mike

When I first met Marisa and Mike, I knew right away that they’d be a fun couple. Marisa originally told me she didn’t think she wanted to see Mike before the wedding and asked me if that was okay. Of course, I love to spend time taking bridal portraits before the wedding, but I would never try to convince a bride otherwise only for my convenience.

As we emailed each other about scheduling out the photos, I realized things might be a little tight. Knowing how important photography was to her, I broke my own rules and emailed her with, “Any chance I can sway you into seeing Mike before the wedding? :)”

Ten minutes later she wrote back, “okay, I trust you, let’s do it.”

Thanks for trusting me guys because we really got some amazing pictures! Knowing I needed a killer location (I admit, I don’t know Long Island very well) I emailed my friend Joe Rumore to ask his advice for Long Island places to shoot. Joe suggested The Planting Fields, which was originally designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (one of the designers of Central Park). I must admit was one of the most beautiful arboretums I have ever visited. Thanks Joe!!

I was lucky to have the new rising star Steven Young along with me as well as my old friend and long time second shooter Tom Weis with me. Check out Mike and Marisa’s slideshow here, they got some awesome shots too!