F orent?

With their wedding only a few weeks away, I met Melissa and Mitch in the Meatpacking district for their engagement shoot. Their wedding will be at one of my favorite places, Pier sixty at Chelsea Piers, with plans for some fun shooting around the city throughout the day.

Since it’s so close to my studio, I have enjoyed visiting this ‘hood for many years and always loved it’s urban feel and connection to an older New York. Just a few short years ago you’d have the company of transvestites and the smell of rotting meat as you strolled along the sidewalks. Now, you have to fight the camera crews and European tourists for a spot on the sidewalk.

Times have changed for sure, but then I saw this sign in the window.

Shocking! Florent has been a staple of the Meatpacking district for years – here’s a description from their website:

“French diner?” “Gallic coffee shop?” “Chic, quirky luncheonette?” People have tried to describe us in many ways over the last fifteen years. Lately, they’ve even been referring to us as a “New York institution.” (We’re not quite sure anyone or anything should be an institution.)

Well – that’s progress I guess, but it is a sad day to see this place close it’s door for good. I’d love to eat there one more time to celebrate the end of an era – who wants to join me?

Here’s a few more of Melissa and Mitch –

….and of course the slideshow here! Looking forward to your wedding day!